Negative Splits

My running over the past week has not been stellar.  Plagued by a migraine and unexplainable, dragon-breathing-fire heartburn, I have stuck largely to weight training and rest.  Then, last night, I decided I was hitting the road, no matter what.  I did all my normal family duties-kids, dinner, dishes, cleaning, etc. and then set out down Lakeshore Boulevard around 7pm.  There was nothing extraordinary about the day, no special meal I ate, no extra cup of coffee or extra hour of sleep.  That said, I had one of my best runs of late.  Lakeshore Boulevard has its disadvantages-heavy traffic, fast food restaurants with their luring/disgusting smells.  Last night I had the added disadvantage of it being garbage day, leaving me to dodge open cans and piles of rubbish.  All of these negatives fell away last night.  I felt so good on the two miles out that I decided to go for a faster two miles home.  Negative splits simply means that your running speed increases as you finish your run (or race for that matter).  They don’t happen often for me and my turtle-like pace, but last night I nailed the two miles home and came in to my final half mile to 96.5 playing a throwback that deserves listening to, especially if you came of age in the 90s like me.  Check it out……

2 thoughts on “Negative Splits

  1. ashley September 18, 2012 / 8:40 pm

    barbage day has to be the worst!

  2. michads September 24, 2012 / 3:17 am

    Way to go Jess!

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