The Lull

I’m in a lull between races now.  I like the word lull.  I like that it has two completely different meanings:  “to calm or send to sleep,” or “a temporary interval of quiet or lack of activity.”  I suppose a lull should be calming then, if the two definitions could meet each other.  For me, the lull is restless.  I have races coming up, I’m still running, but I don’t have gigantic goals that I’m aspiring to, I don’t have a regimented plan to follow.   With a 5K next weekend and another half in about a month, I’ve been unable to focus on what to do this week.  Run fast and try to prepare for the 5K?  or follow my half training plan for the race in a month?  or both?  Don’t get me wrong, this is not an intense dilemma, but it does leave me feeling a bit scattered.

October marks my favorite time of year, leaves changing, a bite in the air, no more worries of high humidity and temperatures.  I love it.  Also, a certain girl celebrates her birthday in October, which brings me to my next running point:  the 5K I’m running next weekend.  The race is called Warm Hands, Warm Hearts and is sponsored by the United Way of Lake County.  It is held at a local Metropark-Chagrin River, and raises money for a great cause.  Want to join me?  Register here: The Humphrey family will be running (or walking the 1 mile loop) together and heading out for breakfast afterwards to celebrate my birthday.  Pancakes after a 5K might be better than cake.  Happy October all!

One thought on “The Lull

  1. jaml905 October 13, 2012 / 11:13 pm

    I love October too! 🙂

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