Bucket List Progress


Holding myself accountable with some quick updates to my bucket list!  On the eve of February 1st, thought I’d celebrate some accomplishments and cross off some of these goals.  So, what did I accomplish in January?

4. Get a physical/wellness exam.  This seems insignificant, except I have major health issues on both sides of my family and want to do all I can to make sure I’m avoiding them.

#4 is done!  Saw the doctor, got blood work done and have a clean bill of health.

6.  Cook at least 12 of the pretty magazine recipes that are collecting dust in my kitchen binder.  That’s one a month, which I feel is a realistic minimum.

#6 is partially done.  I’ve amped up the variety factor in my weekly meals.  One of the dishes that was a big hit with my family was a pasta/broccoli/sausage dish that was easy to cook and disappeared quickly.  I also subscribed to Cooking Light magazine, which should continue to give me plenty of inspiration each month.

7.  Knit something for myself.  Something time-consuming and pretty.  I’ve done the same for others, but never for myself.

#7 is in the works.  I picked out a lovely pattern for a knitted wrap and started it while my son was wrapping up his wrestling season.  More work to be done, but I hope to finish before winter is done, so I can actually wear it!

So, that’s part of what I’ve been up to this month, along with continued training for the marathon.  How are your resolutions and goals progressing?  Have you faced any obstacles in accomplishing them?

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