26 Days of Gratitude, the Half Marathon Edition

Race day is fast approaching and I’ve been neglecting the blog a little.  I’m happy to be busy and to have so many distractions that are keeping my mind occupied so I can’t focus on the race.  At the same time, life has left me with little time for writing-I have a race recap to write and several new races on the horizon that I’m excited about.  But right now, I have to take it one day at a time.

I’m still working on my gratitude list-here’s the latest.  I’ll wrap it up on Saturday, so stop back to see the complete edition then!

Day 7 of 26: Thank you to Missy Temple, the most amazing massage therapist I have ever visited. Missy was kind and understanding when I got lost on the way to my appointment and didn’t cut my time short because of it. I’ll see her again soon-and so should you! She offers a $45 session to anyone registered for a Cleveland Marathon event! Thank you Missy!

Day 8 of 26:  Thank you to two of my favorite people, who just happen to share a birthday today! Happy Birthday to Kate, my cousin and friend and Matt a fellow teacher and friend. Both of them have been incredibly supportive on this journey and I’m grateful for their kindness!

Day 9 of 26:  Now, for a fun one! Thank you to Gloria the best damn bartender in the land! She makes every Summer Shandy that much better with her smile and laughter. She also may have ruined me for any other bartender-everyone is judged against her and they usually pale in comparison! Thanks Gloria!  (You can visit Gloria too!  See her at Paragon in Euclid)

Day 10 of 26:  I’m thankful for Rhiannon, my “work wife” and dear friend. She meets me on most Friday mornings for a diner breakfast in Euclid before we head in to school for the day. I look forward to these breakfasts all week-and not just for the amazing $5 coffee, eggs, hash browns and toast! Rhiannon gets me. I’m grateful to her for listening, for laughing and for never pretending to be something she’s not…..and for not judging me on the mornings that I also eat pancakes in addition to the eggs/hash browns/toast/coffee. Carb loading is important!

Day 11 of 26:  I am grateful for Josh, hatcher of great running plans. Josh is my original training partner. One fair Thanksgiving Turkey Trot long ago, one of us suggested we run a marathon and the other agreed. Three years later (ah, the best laid plans of mice and men), I’m bringing that plan to fruition and still enjoying his company and his humor on long runs. Today, he opened up his home and his beach access to allow me to finish up my training with a hop in the Lake. Also, he just wrapped up his PhD and is now Dr. Stephens. Way to go Josh!

Day 12 of 26:  Thank you to Jamie who is responsible for one of my all-time favorite photos and is also my daily source of fortitude and laughter at work. I’m lucky enough to spend most of my days in her company, planning instruction, drinking coffee, discussing the joys and frustration of motherhood and counting down the days ’til summer. She is relentlessly supportive and has helped me embody our mutual teaching/living philosophy: “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.” Thank you Jamie!

Day 13 of 26:  Thank you to Alison who helped to secure my first sponsorship for a race-even if it was her grandma who paid for my bib! I had a blast running the Lakewood Ambulance Chase 5K yesterday. It was just what I needed after the nerves and worry that came with my final long run Saturday. Thanks Alison-for making me laugh and inviting me to such an awesome race. We had fun laughing at ourselves and enjoyed watching the winners head back to the finish line on the out and back course!

Stay tuned for more thanks!

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