A Break From Running

My running, and my blogging, have been put on hold lately.  I would call this a “Ross & Rachel” break-we all know that the partnership will pick up again-it’s just a matter of time.


After the marathon, I waited 48 hours and then tried to run, hoping to “shake out” some of the muscles aches and swelling I was experiencing.  Shaking out felt more akin to lifting two 50 pound dumbbells that were attached to my hips.  Lead legs lasted for about 20 minutes before I called it quits.  I took the rest of the week off, planning to try again this past Sunday, exactly a week after my race.  Sunday got pushed back to Monday, which was fine since I had the day off of work.  5 miles on Monday felt great.  And then I started getting ideas……

Runner’s World was kicking off their summer Run Streak.  I know this from the Facebook posts, tweets and emails they sent me regarding this tradition.  This time around the streak would last from Memorial Day through Independence Day.  I loved my winter streak and thought seriously about using the “at least one mile a day” model to carry me through to 4th of July.  I had already run Monday, so day 1 was in the books.  I could just keep going, right?  The agony I experienced over this decision is embarrassing, but I ultimately decided to skip the summer streak.  Why?  Because I really enjoyed the week that I DIDN’T run.  Those words seem like blasphemy, coming from a running blogger, but they’re true.  That week off gave me time-time to plant my summer garden, return to a knitting project I had put off, finish a book I had been reading for what seemed like weeks and months.  While I know a mile-a-day is not going to take away from all of those things, I’m ready to set aside the training plan mentality for a little while and just enjoy summer.

Now, does that mean that I’m hanging up the shoes all together?  Nope!  My next big event is the Fairport Harbor Lighthouse Triathlon in July.  I have about 9 weeks to train.  While I’m not worried about the 5K that wraps up the triathlon, I do hope to improve my bike time over last year.  I’ll also be skipping the swim portion of the race and subbing in kayaking.  My workout schedule is primarily bike focused, but I’ll need to spend some time in the water with my kayak, picking up some speed and handling the turns a bit better.  Oh, and triathlon training is going to overlap slightly with marathon #2 training.  This hodgepodge of workouts has led to many sessions of staring blankly at an Excel spreadsheet, trying to do the math, reference our family calendar and hoping that the planets will align in order to make all workouts possible.

And you?  Training for anything?  Joining me at Marine Corps Marathon in October? Trading off running for triathlon training?  Share your story and advice!

4 thoughts on “A Break From Running

  1. michads June 1, 2013 / 8:01 am

    Congrats again in your marathon and eh, we all need a break sometime :). You’re ahead of me, my garden has yet to be tilled even!

    Have fun biking, a friend of mine started a cycling group in CLE which i somehow ended up leading, lol. I’ll shoot ya the info.

  2. Tai Fung (@tai_fung) June 2, 2013 / 8:53 pm

    I’m glad I remembered to come back here once I was on a laptop (I can’t seem to post via mobile). I think what you’re experiencing, at least from the running perspective, is perfectly normal. Years ago, Jim Fixx used to refer to it as “The Runner’s Blahs.” In particular, feeling a lack of enthusiasm for running post-marathon is very common, and nothing to sweat too much over (ha! pun!). I turned to Triathlons after my Dopey Challenge at Disney, and basically realized by the end of all of them that I like tri-training, but that running is my first love. Just find a balance you’re happy with, and you’ll keep staying healthy. I think part of my issue is that I’m just awful at bike maintenance. For instance, is it normal for a tire to catch fire if you’re filling it with air?

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