Finding Your Mantra – Day 0 of the Spending Freeze Challenge

The month of October offers us 31 days to take a spending break, so we’ll end the challenge on the 30th and give you a chance to buy some emergency Halloween supplies on 10/31!

Here’s your homework for Day 0 – September 30th – find your mantra. Decide why you chose to take part in this challenge, why you are stepping away from your wallet, why you are driving away from the closest Starbucks the next time you see it.

We all have a guiding truth, a philosophy, a set of values that are the backbone of our life. Reflect on those today and decide on a phrase that you can use as a focus for this month, a slogan, something to lift you up when you are feeling drawn to something shiny on a shelf at the store. Here are some suggestions for developing your mantra:

  • Phrase your mantra as if you are ALREADY want you want to be. Avoid saying “I will _______” and replace it with “I am _______.”
  • Choose positive words whenever possible. So, if your mantra is about being grateful for what you already have say “I have everything I need.” If your mantra is more about avoiding further debt, maybe avoid saying “I am avoiding further debt” and rephrase as “I am living a life free of debt.” Words matter – focus on making this a phrase you can come back to and be proud of.
  • Practice writing it and saying it. Avoid paragraphs, hone it down to one sentence if possible. Write it on a note card or post-it and stick it in your wallet.
  • If you’re taking the challenge as a family, share this phrase with everyone. Even kids can benefit from hearing it and repeating it when a case of the gimmies takes hold. Consider putting it up on white board or making a sign for the fridge.

That’s it for today! I’ll be setting up the posts with a link to the day before’s suggestions and a place for you to leave comments. Remember to join our Facebook group as well!

Check out yesterday’s post.

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