Day 1 of the Spending Freeze Challenge – Your Guidelines

Welcome to October! This month is my favorite – perhaps because it’s my birthday month – mostly because of the fact that fall truly takes hold and the world erupts in bright colors and crisp Autumn air.

Today is Day 1 of our 30 day challenge and your work today is simple – decide what spending will and will not be allowed in your household for the month. I’m not deciding for you – do this work with your spouse, your significant other, your household members, or maybe just yourself. Once you create your guidelines, consider keeping them written down in a journal or notebook – some place that you can come back to throughout these 30 days to write or keep track of your suggestions.

Here are my family’s agreements – feel free to use all or some – whatever fits your family best! And please share your own ideas in the comment boxes below.

  • No restaurant/fast food/coffee shop visits.  Basically, 100% of the food we eat will come from our home.
  • No new clothing/shoes purchases for me and my husband. Kids can have new items if they are in dire need (i.e. I know my daughter has no winter coat for this year!)
  • No purchases for the household – no new throw pillows (no matter how appealing Target makes them look), no home improvement projects, no landscaping buys.
  • No convenience purchases  – paying to have the car washed, paying to get the dogs bathed.
  • No race signups, no matter how badly the 2015 racing season is calling to me.
  • No paying for entertainment. We can use existing museum memberships, but will not be doing things like seeing a movie in the theater.
  • Address all emergencies as they occur – talk over emergencies with each other and decide how to best address them. Car broken down? That’s going to require spending and we can’t be without 2 cars at the moment, so we’ll need to pay to have it repaired. Emergency spending like that doesn’t mean we failed at our 30 day efforts.

Feel free to share your suggestions below or join our Facebook page for a place to talk to others!

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