Day 3 of the Spending Freeze Challenge – The Coffee Shop Breakup

I’m asking you to break up with your favorite barista this month. Not forever, just a break. If you’re anything like me, your daily coffee shop stops are a breather for you. A nice little treat you buy to wake up your brain and survive for the morning. At my last job, a Dunkin’ Donuts was conveniently located at the last turn that I had to make to drive to the building. How many times do you think I made a left in to their parking lot instead of driving straight up to my building? Too many to count.

The math on the impact of a daily coffee shop trip is not hard. I’ll be generous and assume you’re getting your coffee black and with zero flavoring/ice/frappe-ish special orders. $2 a day is a low estimate. Multiplied by 30 and you’ve saved yourself $60 for the month. If we start to think about that black coffee being a pumpkin spice mug of fall deliciousness, the price goes up to about $4-5 a day. Multiplied by 30 and you’re spending well over $100 a month.

Can you survive without coffee shop coffee? The answer is yes. Even more importantly, you can thrive at home by investing in some simple, special ingredients to make your coffee a little more “cafe-like.”

Here are some suggestions:

  • The next time you grocery shop, splurge on something new. A flavored syrup, a new kind of half and half, a new kind of bean. This is your spending freeze though – so decide if these ideas fall within your own guidelines.
  • Experiment with making your own lattes at home. Brew some stronger coffee and heat up any kind of milk you like on the stove in a small sauce pan. Keep the heat low and whisk the milk as it heats – voila! Foam!
    Homemade vegan pumpkin spice latte
    Homemade vegan pumpkin spice latte


  • Make your own cold-brew coffee at home. Cold brew coffee is extra strong and is the perfect base for an iced latte or mocha. Pinterest has a bunch of recipes, but my favorite one can be found here. Store your cold brew coffee in the fridge and add in your favorite milk or syrup for your own super-inexpensive iced coffee.

That’s all my friends! Have some suggestions on how to skip the coffee shop? I’d love to hear them!

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