Day 4 of the Spending Freeze Challenge – Weekend Treats

Happy Saturday all! Today’s post focuses on where/when the bulk of your spending might occur – the weekend. Perhaps you already have a great weekly routine of packing your lunch, meal planning dinners and skipping the coffee shop. But then the weekend rolls around and all bets seem to be off. It feels great to treat yourself on the weekend – be it with friends at a Friday happy hour or with family at Sunday brunch. You decide that weekends are your most challenging time to avoid spending.

Here are some of my simple suggestions for keeping your wallet tucked away for the weekend and skipping to your freeze:

  • If you know you can’t head to happy hour and just have water, skip it all together. I used to be a regular Friday afternoon happy hour attendee. Then, I gradually realized that a drink or two before I headed home for the weekend set me up for failure. I’d arrive home sluggish from eating unhealthy food and dehydrated from the combination of salt & beer. It was no way to start the weekend for me. I started to substitute a workout over a trip to the bar. This shift was not only healthier for me physically, but it gave me a great mental start to the weekend as well.
  • Ask family and friends to meet you for a walk in the park or a trip to a free museum instead of a meal out. Better yet, invite them to your house for a family game night. Share your mantra (that you wrote on Day 0!) with them and ask for their ideas for free things you could do together as a group.
  • Plan a special meal at home for the weekend. Saturday and Sunday are often an excuse to skip cooking and visit a restaurant. Turn this idea on its head and stay in, but break out the fancy cookbook. A friend just recommended Ina Garten’s Barefoot in Paris and I may grab it from the library. If you do the math, a well made meal at home is almost always less expensive than what you would spend to go to a restaurant!
  • Spend some time this weekend writing a list of the things that you enjoy doing, but will fall within your freeze guidelines. Post this list somewhere that you can see it for the rest of the month and vow to check a few things off the list. A favorite ofours at this time of year?
    All the kiddo cousins!
    All the kiddo cousins!

    Apple picking! Our local apple farm does not charge a fee to come to their orchard and the apples that we pick are only $1/pound – half the cost that we pay at the grocery store! Come home with your stash and consider making your own applesauce as a special fall treat.

Day 3’s post.

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