Day 11 of the Spending Freeze Challenge – Family Game Night

*Bit of blogkeeping – I apologize if you got a portion of this post in your inbox last night. Me & the Word Press app are not speaking at the moment. Here’s the full post as planned!

It’s Saturday night and you’re on day 11 of your spending freeze challenge! You may or may not be skipping entertainment spending, but if you are I have some simple suggestions for this evening.

Skip the movie theater, the fall festival that costs $8 a person, or the bowling alley. Head to the closet, the shelf, the garage and dust off your board games. Gather the family, sit down together around the kitchen table and rediscover the joy that comes with a few rounds of Candy Land, Trivial Pursuit or Apples to Apples. Better yet, call your friends or family members and ask them to bring over their favorite game and host an evening in.

Suggestions to make the night even better? I recently discovered this great recipe for homemade pizza dough and have put it to good use. Make pizza together as a family – each batch of dough might run about $0.50 and is worth the time and effort it takes to make it from scratch. Let the kids add their own toppings and spend the night enjoying each other’s company and delicious food.

Happy Saturday all! Hope you have a lovely weekend.

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