Day 20 of the Spending Freeze Challenge – No Equipment Workouts

We are two-thirds of the way through your 30 day no spending challenge! I hope things are going well for you and your family and you are beginning to notice the changes that you are making to your lifestyle and your bank account! Today’s post is all about how to bring a fitness routine to your home without the use of expensive equipment. If you’re trying to add some exercise or physical activity, but don’t have a closet full of weights or gadgets to help, then I have good news. You don’t really need them! Here are some quick suggestions and links for some zero-equipment workouts that you can do in your own living room!

  • I just downloaded this great collection of no-equipment strength training circuits. The whole manual is available for free and the author only asks that you consider a $1 donation to keep the project going. Amazing set of information!
  • Consider heading to the playground with your kiddos in tow. Pull-ups on the monkey bars, tricep dips on the benches, pushups on the end of the slide – the possibilities are endless. Try to complete a circuit of 12 reps on each exercise. Better yet, walk to and from the playground to add to your workout!
  • Planks are an amazing, simple and no-equipment workout that do amazing things to tone your abs and strengthen your upper body. Use a simple timer and see how long you can hold plank position. Use this number as your baseline and try to add 10 seconds each day for 30 days. Make sure to hold proper position and use the photo below as a guide for how to

Have any ideas for no-equipment workouts? I’d love to hear them!

Day 19’s Post

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