Day 22 of the Spending Freeze Challenge – Family Physical Activity

Today’s post will wrap up our week on fitness spending. Whether or not you made fitness spending part of your freeze, I hope you’ve gathered some simple ideas to help you with your wellness and with challenges that may have come up during your 30 day challenge.

My family is lucky enough to live close to the beaches of Lake Erie and we love being near the water – kayaking, paddle boarding, swimming and beach time is a great part of our summer life. We also have a great public parks system and enjoy being outside often. That said, we don’t always do a great job of being active everyday. Today’s kiddos tend to have more screen time and less time outside, resulting in far more health issues than previous generations. So, I encourage you to make fitness a family affair. Normally, I would tell you to sign yourselves up for a fun run or a 5k together, but we know that costs money! So here are some easy suggestions for planning a family event.

My favorite active crew!
My favorite active crew!
  • Can you walk instead of drive to a store or event? We live a quarter mile away from the school where my children play basketball during the winter. It’s tempting to hop in the car, especially on cold days, but we’ll be walking from now on. We can save the gas, the energy and give ourselves a few extra steps each day.
  • Every once in a while, my kids and I will grab plastic bags, take the dog for a walk and clean up litter on our way. It feels great to do something positive for our neighborhood and ourselves at the same time. Plus, we’re teaching our children to be good stewards of the Earth!
  • Challenge yourselves to see how many times you can take the stairs in a day – rather than leave a pile of things to take upstairs once a day, make the trip as many times as you can – keep a running tally and find a winner in the house!
  • Plan a neighborhood kickball game. Remember how fun kickball was as a kid? Gather family members & friends and start a game.
  • Dig out a frisbee from the garage and practice together as a family – even when you miss catching, the exercise to run and grab the disc is great! Don’t have frisbees? What about a family hoola-hoop session? Great core work!
  • Find a neighborhood basketball hoop and play a pick up game or just practice shooting the ball together.

Remember, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to help your family become more active. What do you do as a family to be active together?

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