Day 23 of the Spending Freeze Challenge – Week Three Reflection

photo_1055_20060210It’s Day 23 and we are past the three week mark in your October Spending Freeze Challenge! I hope you are continuing to learn and recognize the patterns in your spending and are seeing a difference in your bank account!

For today’s reflection, I’d like you to go back to your mantra that you created at the beginning of the challenge. How have those words served you over the past 23 days? Did they help you in challenging times? Were they a reminder of why you decided to take a spending break in the first place?

Finally, I’d encourage you to dig deeper today and reflect on needs versus wants. Somewhere in your spending, there is a situation where a product or an item is a want and not a need. It’s a convenience factor, something that could disappear from your home and you would notice it at first and then, gradually, no longer believe that you need it. For me, it was those super-convenient anti-bacterial wipes. I could use them every day in the bathroom to clean up, I could wipe down kitchen counters with them, clean up spilled coffee in my car with them, etc. I knew while I was using them that they were costly, both for me and for the environment. Couldn’t I do all of these same things with an old t-shirt cut up in to rags? Yep, I could. I also realized that if I simply stopped buying the wipes, then they wouldn’t be there for me to use. Now, this is not a monumental change, but at $4-5 a carton/week, it added up quickly over a month and a year.

What item in your household is a want/convenience item that could disappear?

Day 22’s Post

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