Day 24 of the Spending Freeze Challenge – Daily Celebration

Today’s post is running a bit late. I had a wonderful morning that included a field trip with 25 8th graders – that doesn’t sound like it would be wonderful, right? But it was great – my new position with the YMCA allows me to coordinate a program that brings middle school students in to the community to study water, soil and energy. Today we toured a local wind turbine and it was a blast. So, it’s 7:20pm and I’m just digging in to the blog for the night!

Day 24 and we’re closing in on the final week of our challenge. Yesterday was my birthday (forward presents to email address at the left!) and I had a great day teaching yoga and celebrating with family. As I was writing my plans out for my evening yoga class, I decided to incorporate the theme of making every day a celebration. A former co-worker of mine once shared that every time he is asked the question “How are you?” he responds with the phrase “Every day is a holiday, every meal is a feast.” He was taught the phrase by a teacher and carried it with him for the rest of his life. The phrase itself is said to have originated with the United States Marine Corps, perhaps as a bit of irony or sarcasm, but I love it just the same.photo_4449_20071212

In the final week of your spending freeze challenge, what can you do to make every day a holiday and every meal a feast? What small gestures, small traditions, can you introduce in your family or your daily life? Here are some simple, and possibly free, suggestions:

  • Do you have a drawer or cabinet that is stocked with candles? Pull them out and eat dinner by candle light with your family. Eating alone? Light the candle and set the table for yourself. Make your meal together, or solo, a celebration – of the food on your plate, the company of your loved ones or to honor the farmers and workers that brought the food to your table.
  • Take a few of those candles to the bathtub and treat yourself to a long bubble bath by candlelight.
  • Create a goodbye and hello ritual in your house. Stop and hug or kiss the person leaving or walking in the door. This is a tradition I want to work on in my house and am going to make a vow to act on it.
  • Find the “holiday of the day” and work it in to your day. Recent holidays included “Boston Cream Pie Day” and “Mole Day” for that number we all used way back in chemistry class. Check out the rest of October’s days and find a silly way to work them in to your routine.
  • What special treats do you allow yourself on holidays? Sleeping in? A homemade breakfast? French press coffee? Bring one of these treats in to your everyday life.

How do you make every day a holiday and every meal a feast?

Day 23’s Post

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