A New Plan

My recent injury has caused me to re-evaluate my marathon training plan.  Thought I’d share some of my adjusted plans as I move through (active) recovery.

  1. I’ve made an appointment with a podiatrist.  Last year, when I was recovering from shin splints, my sports medicine doctor recommended that I see one.  Fast forward 12 months and I’ve not followed up on his recommendation.  I have bunions that could be connected to my current foot problem.  I also had a father who suffered constant foot problems, especially in his later years.  I hope to get a diagnosis, aka an answer to the question “What the hell is exactly wrong with my foot?”  I may also look in to custom orthotics if the doc says they’re necessary.
  2. Shopped for new shoes.  I initially bought the new version of my Asics gels, padded around the house in them and decided I hated them.  Something changed in this newest generation and I don’t like it.  So back to Achille’s Running Shop for something different.  Decided on these funky looking Mizuno’s which I am loving.
  3. I’m working on my form.  I have a bad habit of developing Tyrannosaurus Rex arms as I near the end of my runs……..it’s ugly and I have the race photos to prove it.  I’ll save myself the humility of sharing them though.  I’m trying to follow the advice from “Chi Running” by Danny Dreyer , which says to hold your hands at your sides “as if you are cupping butterflies.”  I’m also focusing on shortening my stride and keeping my head up, easier said then done in the lovely Northeast Ohio wind.
  4. I started flying solo again.  My brother-in-law Jon is a talented runner and has been generous enough to pick me up on Sunday mornings and pair up for our long runs.  My slow behind was holding him back, or at least I imagined it was.  I need to slow down on my long runs, take plenty of walk breaks and listen closely to my body.  That was too much to ask anyone else to put up with, so I Taylor Swift-ed him but am hopeful that once I’m healthier we can hit the trails together again.
  5. I’ve changed my training plan.  My original plan called for 3 shorter runs during the week, 2 days of cross training and a long run.  I swapped out the third week night run for a third session of cross training.  More yoga, less pounding the pavement.  My weeknight runs have also been moved to Tuesday and Thursday, matching up to the nights that Phil is home early from school and can man the fort.

So, that’s the plan for now.  I’m also working on adjusting my expectations for this race.  While I would’ve previously told you I was dreaming for sub-five numbers, I’ll now accept just crossing the finish line.  I’ve started following the pace teams for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon on Facebook and hope to connect to the 5:00 team as I work on my race day plan.

How are you?  How are your training plans going?  Have you ever had to make adjustments mid-training?