Humphrey Family Running

Brody & Hannah ready to run!
Brody & Hannah ready to run!

One of my Bucket List goals this year was to run a race with my children.  We’ve attempted to pick a race and train for it, but somehow life (in the form of kiddo basketball, baseball, football, wrestling, ice skating lessons, etc.) has always gotten in the way.  This year, I’m hopeful that we’ll follow through together.  I so badly want my kids to feel the joy of crossing the finish line and the sense of accomplishment that comes with it.  I think there are great life lessons to be learned in running and I hope they’ll pick up on those along the way.

We chose our race and it falls right before Hannah’s 11th birthday this year.  We’ll be running at Penitentiary Glen on Sunday, April 14th in the Reaching for Recovery 5K.  The race proceeds will go to a local family in our school district.  They are battling their son’s congenital brain condition, which has required multiple surgeries, long hospital stays and extraordinary medical bills.  I’m excited that we have such a worthwhile cause to run for and that the race is also at one of our favorite local parks.

I’m using the Couch to 5K plan to get the kids ready for the race.  We started out on week  3 of the plan and Hannah is doing well so far.  Brody shows varying degrees of interest in running, but prefers to ride his bike.  Today’s conditions were not bike friendly, so he agreed to join us and had a great start.

Gotta be in front, gotta be first in line!

Gradually, as his energy fades, Brody becomes a bit of a straggler, hanging in the background, making sad sounds and sighing heavily.

Is he still with us?
Hannah was excited to be done!

I let Hannah head home after she finished her run and headed back to grab Brody.  She did a great job and said “This feels great.  I could stay out here all day!”  That’s my girl!

Sprinting the last few feet!

Brody made a mad dash for the finish.  Always one with a bit of drama, he didn’t disappoint today.

Collapsing from his 1.13 mile effort.

I helped him dust off and encouraged him to celebrate his accomplishments.  He begrudgingly smiled for me.

I ran a mile!

On the way back in to the house, I was reminded that the snow is temporary and that spring will be with us again soon.  Thanks to the robin family nesting nearby, I heard the sweet chirping of birds!

Mama Robin

Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all!  Hope your weekend running, with or without family, is going well!