26 Days of Gratitude, The 10K Edition

My first marathon is in less than 3 weeks.  I’m amazed to be typing those words right now.  This journey began months ago, but most importantly, it began almost a year ago when I lost my Dad.  The number of people who have helped me along the way, in big ways and in small, is overwhelming.  I decided that marking the countdown to the race would be done best by thanking them publicly.  When I started this list, a friend asked me “Will you be able to find 26 people to thank?”  Yes.  I’m a lucky girl.  So, here’s the 10K edition (or the first 6!) of the people I’m thanking:

Day 1:26- Grateful for Jeanne,my very first running partner who did laps with me around a middle school gymnasium! Thank you!

Day 2:26- Grateful for Mike, friend and neighbor, whose running blog nogivinupnow.wordpress.com served as inspiration for my own. Thanks Mike! (Need inspiration?  Mike just finished an ultra during which he ran 75 miles.  Yep, 75.)

Day 3:26- Thanks to Emily from emilyruns.com who helped me secure a place in my NEXT marathon adventure in Washington, D.C. Emily is currently moving, training for a race and planning a fast-approaching wedding. Good luck Emily!

Day 4:26- Mandy K. and Dr. Gladys de Leon who helped me find a solution to my foot injury. I was terrified that I wouldn’t run this race because of the pain I was in, but Dr. de Leon gave me solutions that are manageable (as well as a warning about future surgery needs!). Thank you Mandy (a fellow former Outback Steakhouse employee) for making me feel at ease when I walked in to the office!

Day 5:26- Thank you to my excellent student teacher, Doug, who is about to begin his last week and head off to graduation. He has made my job this semester incredibly easy, especially the month of March when 75% of my IEPs were due in the course of 3 weeks.  This guy deserves a pat on the back and a job!  He’s going to be an excellent teacher.

Day 6:26- Thank you to an old friend who sent me a lovely message this past week. It’s this kind of email that makes me happy that I choose to share my running stories. I’m going to respect her privacy and not mention her name-she can decide whether she wants to blab her running stories like I do! 🙂 Thank you for the note and for this line. I love it! “I just wanted you to know that after watching you on facebook that I finally decided to get off my butt and try this and hopefully I’ll love it as much as you do.”

Stay tuned for more thanks!