About Me…..The Director’s Cut

My About page doesn’t share too much info about me, so I thought I’d give you some facts.  I’ve got to tell you, talking directly about myself, and not just about my running, feels a little weird.  Stretching outside my comfort zone is a good thing though, right?  And………just in case you want to stretch outside your comfort zone and join me in my angst, I’ve added ten questions you can answer about yourself!

10 Facts About Me:

  1. I teach students with learning disabilities and emotional disturbances in an urban school district, just east of Cleveland, Ohio.
  2. I knit in my spare time.  Picked up needles for the first time when I was injured last winter and couldn’t run or exercise.  Great use of down time and very soothing to my nerves.
  3. I love to cook and put myself through college working at restaurants.
  4. I recently became the proud owner of my very own kayak and plan to use it in a kayak triathlon next summer.  I live near channels and small rivers that lead out to Lake Erie, giving me quick access to water.

    Best birthday gift ever!
  5. I read voraciously and enjoy literature of all kinds.  Favorite classic novel:  To Kill a Mockingbird.  Favorite recent literature:  The Story of Edgar Sawtelle
  6. Terrified of medical needles and frequently pass out when I need to have blood work done………but have had 3 body piercings.
  7. Married for almost 11 years.  Two children,  10-year-old girl and 8-year-old boy.  Here are my favorite cheerleaders:

    My 3 favorite people on Earth
  8. I consignment and thrift store shop for fun.  Most of my clothing in my wardrobe is vintage or second hand.  Love to find designer brands hidden among the piles of $3 sweaters at my local Goodwill.
  9. I started running in the winter of 2007/2008.   I finished my first 5K in the spring of 2008.
  10. I make every effort to eat locally grown/raised food and meat.  During the summer months I garden and belong to a Community Supported Agriculture group called Fresh Fork Market

    Fall harvest of butternut squash

Questions for you:

  1. Favorite form of exercise?
  2. Favorite vacation spot/getaway location?
  3. Star Wars IV-VI or I-III?
  4. Best meal you’ve ever eaten?
  5. Black Friday shopper-yes or no?
  6. Mac or PC?
  7. Favorite band to see live in concert?
  8. Introvert or Extrovert?
  9. Silver or Gold?
  10. Favorite TV show?