Day 8 of the Spending Freeze Challenge – A Reflection

You’ve wrapped up a week of your spending freeze challenge! Congratulations! I’d love to hear about the challenges you’ve faced and how you’ve overcome them during this first 7 days.

Take some time today and reflect on your accomplishments. I’m going to share a few links that I thought might be helpful to you as you continue your work this month.

  • The Kitchn shared this great story on FREE ways to improve your home cooking – love that everything listed is doable and reasonable!
  • A meal planning website my family has used – The Fresh 20 – offers a free trial of their menu planning. Use it this month for free and see if you’d like to pay their subscription cost in the future!
  • I’m spending lots of time on Ravelry looking for free knitting patterns to use up some of my yarn stash and make some Christmas gifts at the same time.
  • Last night, after making my crock pot chicken, I poured the bones, fat and skin back in the crock pot and filled it up with water – turned it on low overnight, strained it and now have this beautiful pot of chicken stock. Perfect beginning for some inexpensive chicken noodle soup in the future!


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