40 Days of Yoga

Today is day 1 of my 40 day yoga commitment. Yes, you read that correctly.  40 days.  I’m no stranger to streaking, but my IT band injury forced me out of the Thanksgiving to New Year’s run streak this year.  Desperate as I was to mark those days off the calendar and watch my December mileage climb, my body had other ideas.  And this time I listened.  I rested.  I cross trained and explored power yoga, indoor rock climbing, and weight lifting.  I officially begin physical therapy tomorrow, but I am cleared for low-impact cross training.  My doctor, bless his “I-understand-runners” heart, told me to simply listen to my body and decide what I could do and couldn’t do. He even offered to let me run, but I’m putting the brakes on that until I’m feeling more confident.

My yoga practice has come a long way since I first entered a studio back in November.  I’m feeling stronger-regular, old military style pushups are no longer killing me.  I’m learning to trust my body more, try more difficult poses and run the risk of falling.  My emotions during yoga are a wonderful balance to the emotions I have during running.  I feel running and my running accomplishments as victories in my soul.  I am fist pumping, yelling at myself, whooping with joy when I get through a tough run-not always on the outside, but my mind is doing all of these things the whole time.  I feel yoga and my practice accomplishments as a deep carving out of my soul.  Yes, I said that. Yoga lets me etch away at the stress, pain and pride that I carry with me every day.  It lays my true self bare in a different way than running.  And that’s what I love about yoga-the dichotomy of it and the balance it brings to the rest of my life.

Living room practice!
Living room practice before swim class

So, for the next 40 days I’ve committed to practicing yoga every day. I haven’t signed a blood oath on parchment, but I’ve made a mental commitment and found a program to support my goal.  I’ll be following the Baron Baptiste 40 Days to Personal Revolution program.  You can find the program details online on Facebook or at their website.  I’ll be using the free program materials and will be doing my best to journal each day about how my daily efforts are going.  Check back here for weekly wrap-ups.

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Are you making a yoga commitment this month? Have you done a similar program in the past?  I’d love to hear about it.